Safe jewelry for safe piercings

In its history, body jewellery has not always had such multitudes of choices, quality or availability. During the early years of body piercing (as we know it) – piercing jewellery was limited by choice of material, design and availability. Many piercing shops in Malaysia and across the world, still undergo a lull about the quality of jewellery that we put in our bodies.


The quality and finish of the jewellery can affect the healing and appearance of the piercing. It’s still relatively unknown that putting sterling silver in a piercing has a chance of causing the skin surrounding the piercing to tarnish and stain permanently (localized argyria). Many people do not yet understand the risk of using an unsafe and mystery material in our bodies when it comes to piercing jewellery.  We try our best to educate the unsuspecting customers on the awareness of putting a body-safe material in your unhealed piercing.


At Spec Body Art, we use ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium for all our piercings. It is a high-quality and body-safe material, ideal for placement within something that you would consider permanent. Using the best for your body is the minimum that we want to provide for our customers, in addition to ensuring that our piercers provide you with placement and anatomy-appropriate adornments to make your piercings as comfortable as possible.


Safe jewellery doesn’t mean boring jewellery. We embrace self-expression and uniqueness – which is why we provide a wide range of suitable jewellery so that our customers are given the choice and the independence to find the perfect jewellery, from gems all the way to material that is able to complement their anatomy, skin tone and personality.


In our studio & online shop we offer a wide range of options from known brands such as Anatometal, BVLA and Neometal. These brands allow you to customize the gems, size and colour of your jewellery, tailoring its appearance to your needs and wants. All materials used are safe and suitable, each piece comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured that you invest your money into something that lasts a lifetime.


Do make an appointment with us and come to our studio to have a chat. Whether it’s to curate a full ear project or to simply pick the piece of your dreams we would love to be able to help you on your piercing journey and to ensure that you leave our shop feeling satisfied!


Book an appointment with our piercer by dropping us a WhatsApp and we will respond to you shortly!


Author : Hannah (Mosbol)

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