Tattoo Price

Many factors may affect the price of a Tattoo – Design, Size, Color, Placement, Intricacy of the design. Some other factor may also come up such as moles, old scar, other tattoo’s within the same area.

We suggest that you make a visit to our studio to discuss your idea with our artist. A tattoo is something that you will carry on your skin for a very long time. It is best to discuss with an artist on your ideas, design, placement etc.

Here are a few tips before coming in for a consultation. Come with an open mind, prepare some picture for inspiration for an idea that you have in mind. A star tattoo can mean different things to different people – a more cartoon looking star? Honey star? A line artwork star? A planet is a star, Justin Timberlake is a pop star.

The best tattooes comes when you give the artist some room to be creative and is able to work with what suits best on your body location, skin type, etc. Speak with your artist and just enjoy the process.

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