Piercing Info

Get Pierced by our Professionals

All our piercers at Spec Body Art are trained professionals that study piercing techniques, practice skills, and we are ready to educate our customers on the proper after care of the piercing. We care for the safety and hygiene of our customer piercings, crew and studio.

We DO NOT provide any gun piercings, all piercings are done with a SINGLE USE disposable needle for each customer.

We always ensure our environment is clean and safe for our customers as well as ourselves. There is less potential risk of infection, as our piercers take all possible precautions to thoroughly clean and prepare the area before and after each piercings.  

Our professional piercers work only with single use needles, equipment’s, tools and jewelry that have been sterilized via an Auto-Clave (Statim 2000) machine as used by many healthcare practitioners to the standard of the Association of Professional Piercers.

We undergo regular health screening to give our customers a peace of mind when getting pierced.

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