Before Coming For a Tattoo / Piercing

Here is what to prepare / expect before coming in for a Tattoo or Piercing

  1. Eat - We request all customers eat a meal before getting any service done. It brings your blood sugar up and lessens the risk of becoming sick, nauseous or faint.
  2. Sober & Healthy – We require all clients be alcohol and drug-free before getting any service done. Avoid getting any Tattoo / Piercing done if you are unwell.
  3. Open Mind – Come with an open mind. Some Tattoo / Piercings may not be possible for every person due to anatomy shape, scarring, bumps, etc. We are always honest with our customers and will give advice accordingly should a piercing not be suitable for your anatomy. We want our customers to be happy with the final result and we may turn down a service if we see a potential of the piercing not being able to heal properly.
  4. Be Prepared – All piercing and tattoo feel different to different people. Getting a tattoo or piercing is generally uncomfortable, though people may experience different levels of pain, but the pain is bearable for most.
  5. Needles only – ALL our piercings are done by single use disposable needles only. We do not provide any gun piercing. Needles are cleaner, more accurate and causes less damage to the piercing.
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